Jobs Update August - What should we expect as the furlough scheme winds down?

We’re drawing to the end of August; a month in which the furlough scheme was slowed down. It is now paying 60% of wages (up to £1,875), with employers topping up any extra, and with the whole scheme due to be brought to a close at the end of October. At the end of July, 9.5 million staff were still on furlough, and 1.2M employers were taking part on the JRS. Everyone is concerned about what is going to happen with jobs and employment prospects, but we’re here to help, however we can.

Jobs outlook June - first signs of potential optimism in the jobs market?

It appears that there’s mixed opinion on what the UK job market is doing at present, with some sectors faring better than others. Unemployment is certainly up, however we may have passed the sharpest rise.

How do I get paid during lockdown?

What we understand about the situation as of 25/3/2020 - It’s a bit of a minefield knowing what help is out there and what you can do to keep afloat. We have put together this list of advice from a range of different sources. Links are here to help too. Of course, this is a constantly evolving situation, so we’ll update this as often as possible

Number of people in employment is the highest it’s ever been

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) director of policy Tom Hadley said on Tuesday 15th May: “Candidates are now in a better position, if moving jobs there is a strong chance of getting a pay rise. Businesses want to grow and with employment rates high they are having to compete with each other to attract people. Our data shows that one way they are making themselves more attractive is by offering higher starting pay for new recruits.