United Utilities takes on Cumbrian Graduates and Apprentices

Graduates and apprentices, many from Cumbria, have been recruited to the United Utilities graduate and apprenticeship programme. In total, there are 35 new apprentices and 13 graduates, who made it through rigorous testing and interviews from the almost 2800 applicants that applied for the positions.

Update that CV with confidence #1

When re-writing your CV, sitting with a blank page in front of you can seem daunting. It’s tempting to just pull up your old one and tweak it a bit, and that can be a good place to start – however, there are a number of CV mistakes that you need to watch out for and make sure that you edit out. Here are some major pitfalls to avoid, to set you on the right track to a successful CV and hopefully an interview:

What do recruitment agencies look for in a CV at first glance?

Following the well-publicised news that you have around 6 seconds to catch the eye of a recruitment consultant, we thought we’d pass on some tips to help you maximise those 6 seconds, along with reassurance that once we’ve found a CV with the basics required, we certainly do look in more depth!

Ulverston Blue Light Hub; new completion date

Bringing together local police, fire and ambulance services under one roof - the first building of its kind in Cumbria, the delayed ‘Blue Light Hub’ in Ulverston is continuing to take shape, as a new December 2018 completion date has recently been set.

Number of people in employment is the highest it’s ever been

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) director of policy Tom Hadley said on Tuesday 15th May: “Candidates are now in a better position, if moving jobs there is a strong chance of getting a pay rise. Businesses want to grow and with employment rates high they are having to compete with each other to attract people. Our data shows that one way they are making themselves more attractive is by offering higher starting pay for new recruits.

A unique development opportunity at a high-profile site near Penrith has hit the market.

The seven-acre site next to the A66 and Rheged Centre in Redhills, near Penrith, is being marketed as a place for a hotel, leisure or commercial development, subject to planning permission.