Updated Construction Site Operating Procedures

The Construction Leadership Council (CLP) have updated the Site Operating Procedures (SOP) to incorporate a number of technical changes following the recently published Government guidance on Working Safely during Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Construction & Other Outdoor Work.

The changes in Site Operating Procedures – Version 4 are minimal and include:

  • Removal of the requirement for face to face contact to be kept to 15 minutes or less
  • The section on PPE now links to the latest Government guidance on face coverings
  • References to one-way systems and the reconfiguration of seating and tables and an update on portable toilets
  • The requirement to share risk assessments with the workforce
  • Clarification on when to travel to work, as set out in the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy
  • Updated links and wording on social distancing.

Examples of other recommendations include:

  • Commuting away from peak times
  • Holding site briefings outside or in open areas if possible
  • Staggering the numbers of people allowed access to facilities at the same time
  • Not leaving the site to go to local shops
  • Bringing your own food
  • Increase the size of facilities
  • Enhanced cleaning with extra facilities at site entry and exit points
  • Procedures for when people show symptoms of COVID 19

Download the new version of SOP here.

Detailed government advice for construction sites can be found here.

There has been an additional £14m set aside for the HSE to police the new regulations.

21 May 2020